Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Installing Exchange 2010 - Part 5

Let's setup a DAG

I will name the DAG as "DAG1" and its IP will be, and use EXF1 for the FSW.

Creating DAG with EMC is a bit problomatic, use powershell instead.

If you use EMC, DAG will grab a DHCP IP.

New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -name DAG1 -WitnessServer EXF1 -WitnessDirectory c:\dag1fsw -DatabaseAvailabilityGroupIpAddresses

Now DAG1 is created but there are no members

Let's add members

I will add EXB1 and EXb2.

They are added, from the database management tab, you can see the owner of the DB. currently EXB1 is the owner of the DB1 and EXB2 is the owner of DB2.

Next time we will activate Mailbox Databse Copy.

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