Monday, July 23, 2012

How to add a domain user to a sudo group in linux

First you must add your linux in to a windows AD, once it is done, login as root or user that is in wheel group.

Execute this command visudo, that will open etc/sudoers file. if you do vi /etc/sudoers vi will give you an permission error. So besure to use visudo without space.

Find a line that looks like this

%wheel     ALL=(ALL)     ALL

put this just below that like (Yes with \\, in linux \ is an escape charator, so we have to put two \ instead of  one \) this...

domain\\username   ALL=(ALL)

example:   If you want to add a user test1 who is in

world\\test1 ALL=(ALL)

and this is an option you can put just behind the line, so it will not ask for a password if you do sudo. a bit of security issue but if you built a test linux machine gotta do lots of sudo, ye it can be your best friend.


example: world\\test1 ALL=(ALL)  NOPASSWD: ALL

That is all.

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