Saturday, April 28, 2007

Step by step: How to install exchange 2003 cluster part XIII

How to add more than 2 nodes.

1. You can't simulate this in this lab because MS vitrual server does not allow more than 2 channels on SCSI.
2. To do it on real world, keep both current nodes on.
3. On the third node, install OS, apply server service packs and patces.
4. Add it as a node, just follow steps as if you are adding the second node.
5. Install exchange server, add groups, this time EVS2.
6. Apply exchange SP, hot fix, security paches and so on.
7. EVS2 is set.
8. You now have 2 active and 1 passive node, make sure all nodes are possible ower of all the resources.
9. Keep doing this to add more active nodes, you can add up to 8 nodes (At least one node needs to be a passive)

If you don't create EVSx, that will be just a passive node.

* Make sure all nodes are identical, for example BIOS, iSCSI initiator, SCSI firmware, driver, exchange hotfix, virus scanner and etc.etc.................I mean everything!

To add third node in this lab. - I will be really brief
1. Don't try this unless you are really curiouse about how to do it.
2. Turn off the passive node. (I assume that is exbe02)
3. Create exbe03, use SCSI id 7 to add 2 SCSI cards. (that is why exbe02 needs to be shut off!), Whole cluster will share the same quorum, but evs2 will use a seperate disk for evs2!
Add the existing quorum to the first SCSI, and add a new disk to second SCSI. Add an extra network card too.
4. Turn on the exbe03, setup the OS , add it to the exch-cluster.
5. Format the new disk (second SCSI), install exchange (evs2, and use it.
6. Don't turn on the exbe02, that might kill even the whole virtual server environment, setup heartbeat network too.
7. You now have two exchange servers (EVS1 and EVS2), but you can't fail over because you don't have any passive server, don't do this in the real world, that will be really stupid!

You now know how to create evs2, sort of.....

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