Friday, June 15, 2007

Step by step: How to install exchange 2003 cluster part XIIII

Simulating the quorum disk failure

1. Turn off both EXBE01 and EXBE02.
2. Edit each machine and remove the Quorum disk (Q:).
3. Start EXBE01 and EXBE02.
4. Cluster service won't start.
5. Turn off both EXBE01 and EXBE02.
6. Add a new SCSI shared disk.
7. Turn on EXBE01.
8. Format the new disk and lable it is as S:.
9. ON EXBE01, go to the "service" change "cluster" service to "manual".
10. From the command line execute "net start clussvc /fixquorum" .
11. Start the cluster admin GUI and add a new resource (physical disk) S: and assign it as a new quorum disk, and make groups online.
12. Change cluster service to "Automatic" start.
13. Reboot EXBE01, and check to see if the cluster is running.
14. Start EXBE02.

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