Thursday, March 08, 2007

Step by step: How to install exchange 2003 cluster part II

Let's install M$ virtual server 2005 R2.

1. Install IIS with

2. Run setup.exe for the virutal server 2005, you will get the screen below

3. Click the "Install Microsoft Virtual SErver 2005 R2" button
4. Accept the License Agreement and click next.
5. Put customer information and click next.
6. Select "complete" install and click next.
7. On the "Configure Components" take the default values and click next.
8. On the next window, click next.
9. On the next window, click install.
10. Click "finish"
To manage M$ VS 2005 R2, go to "Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft virtual server -> virtual server administration website"

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