Friday, March 09, 2007

Step by step: How to install exchange 2003 cluster part IV

Let's create a domain controller.

1. Create a folder "Windows 2003 DC" on your HDD and copy files under "Windows 2003 R2 STD - Base" folder to the "Windows 2003 DC" folder.
2. From the Virutal server admin website, Virtual Machines -> Add. (You need to be on the "Master Status" to see the menu)
3. Locate the "Windows 2003 DC" folder and add the virtual machine.
4. Create a new private network, go to the Master sataus -> Virutal Networks -> Create

- Virtual Network name : Local Network

- Network adapter on physical computer : None(guest only)

- Do not setup DHCP.

Click OK

5. Set the "Windows 2003 DC" to use the "Local Network"

- Edit configuration -> Network Adapters -> Connect to : Local network -> Ok
6. Turn on the "Windows 2003 DC" machine and go through the setup process.
7. Login and set a static IP
IP :
subnet mask:

Default Gateway:

Prefered DNS server:


8. Let's setup a DC (We will put active directory and DNS and DHCP

9. Start -> All Programs -> Administrative tools -> Manage your server

10. Add or remove a role -> next

11. Typical Configuration for a first server -> Next

12. Active Directory domain name: <- you can change it if you want to. for example, and so on. this is your test lab anyway. 13. Next 14. On NetBIOS name screen : Next 15. On the Forwarding DNS queries, select "No, don't forward queries" (In real world this is the chance you can put DNS fwd) 16. On Summary of selections, Next -> Ok

17. It will configure DNS, DHCP and AD for you. easy huh?

18. System will reboot, it will take an awfully long time but that is typical for a DC. (when you reboot exchange server and DC at the same time, make sure DC boots up first and you can login to DC, and turn on exchange server. If not, exchange will not work)

19. Login with administrator's ID and password, from now on your administrator account is domain admin account. DCs don't have local admin account.

20. As soon as you logged in you will have this screen.

Read it carefully. Assign static IP has a red bar, because it was already done by you.
Next -> Finish.

21. You are done with DC.

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