Saturday, May 03, 2008

Migrating exchange 2003 clustered server environment to exchange 2007 sp1 using windows 2008 servers

Before I post detailed steps, here is a migration plan.

The 2x E2K3 OWA (NLB) and 2x E2K3 clustered backend servers will be replaced/migrated to

  • 2x E2K7 SP1 CAS&HT (NLB)
  • 1x E2k7 sp1 public folder server (LCR)
  • 2x E2k7 sp1 (CCR) mailbox servers (CCR: 1 active and 1 passive)

    0. Prep 2x windows 2008 server STD for CAS and HT, install IIS, NBL and etc.
    1. Export IIS cert from the exchange 2003 OWA server, and import that to the windows 2008 STD servers.
    2. Install exchange 2007 sp1 on windows 2008 server.
    3. Create/modify E2k7 connectors, create routing connector to connect EVS1 and E2k7 CAS&HT server.
    4. Remove e2k3 OWA servers.
    5. Setup e2k7 sp1 STD public folder server (single mailbox server withot mailbox DB)
    6. set OAB on e2k7 public folder server for old outlook users. replicate Public Folders.
    7. Prep CAS&HT for witness server.
    8. install e2k7 ENT CCR mailbox server.
    9. migrate mailboxes
    10. remove e2k3 server clusters.
    11.Clean up AD using ADSI edit tool.